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Blocks and Obstructions

Energetically speaking, a block is like a resistance point that accumulates energy and doesn’t give it away. The flow of energy is thus stopped or slowed down. When the block becomes too strong or permanent, the circuits whose job is to move energy can get atrophied. Other circuits, receiving excess energy that should be flowing to other parts of the system, get overloaded and eventually break down. The center of resistance itself can become, ironically enough, one of the identifying factors of the system. Because so much attention revolves around this center of resistance, this block, the center feels it depends on the outflow of energy coming from it. Even though it’s blocking the energy flow, the little energy that flows from it becomes a commodity for the system and we tend to see it as a source of energy and stability.

There are times when the removal of a block seems to us as if a source of energy is being taken away. A coffee drinker removes coffee from her diet and she feels drained of energy. The same goes for alcohol, meat, fatty foods, etc. Once the system begins to clear itself from the energy block, however, the influx of energy is notorious. A parallel can be drawn with emotional blocks. We might fall into energy blocking habits. Perhaps we fall into the habit of complaining about little things, or into the habit of trying to fix other people, or any other habit that will produce in us specific emotional responses. These emotions create a strong waste of energy. However, we come to feel more energetic, “alive,” in such situations. It’s a false sense of aliveness. The energy we feel in these cases is simply the result of the friction between a flow of energy and the resistance. We get but the residue, the waste. That’s what we feel as “energy.” If we remove the block, we’ll begin to feel the flow of true, clear energy pretty soon.

Experiment - The Blocks in Memory

  1. Sit down in a quiet space where you won't be bothered for a an hour or more. Bring a pen and a pad of paper or a notebook.
  2. Close your eyes and go back to your childhood. Pick some era of your childhood and start to go through your memories. Make them as vivid as you can. Explore them carefully. Try to turn around and look in all directions within your memory.
  3. Continue from one memory to another until you feel a certain reaction within you, something inside of you implying (or maybe screaming): "Don't go there!"
  4. The moment you feel this, open your eyes and write down the time or the event that made you feel this way.
  5. Go back and close your eyes again and explore the same or other memories once more. Keep going until you feel this inner reaction. The instant you feel it, open your eyes and write down the event that evoked.
  6. Repeat for an hour or more.

Later you will use this material. For now it is enough to have it written down. Try this experiment several times over the course of several months.


Experiment II

Look around you, and realize that things don't have color. Come to this   understanding by thinking about how the vibration of light is transformed   when it hits the surface of everything you see. This light hits your eyes,   affecting the vibration of your brain. This creates the color you see.
Walk around, mentally considering everything you see as transparent in truth, colorless. Look at everything around you as if you knew all the colors were only inside of you and the things themselves are void of color.
Now look at the mirror, with the same realization.
When the experiment ends, go back to seeing colors in everything.



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