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Keeping Your Soul

Find a mineral rock of any kind. Something you can easily and comfortably palm in your hand while still using your hand. This is an all day experiment. In the morning, you will take the mineral rock and verbally invite it to share your body and your senses for one day. Throughout the rest of the day, you will be the rock’s host. You must treat the rock as an honored guest. That means that you will offer it what it lacks: i.e., the experience of a human body. Through you, the rock will be able to experience seeing, hearing, tasting, sensing, emoting, thinking, smelling, and even socializing. As its host, you have to be mindful of its presence. Don’t forget your guest. Every time you experience anything without being mindful of your guest is akin to entertaining a guest in your home and enjoy an activity without inviting them.

In exchange, the mineral rock will act as a silent presence. In exchange for your gift, it gives you the gift of its presence. It stays with you all day. It does not deny you its presence, its solid eternity. It plays the part of a soul, so that for one day you get to experience what it’s like to have a soul: a solid presence that will outlast your body; eternal for all intents and purposes. The aim of the experiment: do not lose your soul.



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