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The Build Up and Release of Energy

In order to achieve success in an invocation or, in fact, in any kind of shamanic/magickal work, we must know how to create a space, how to build up energy and how to release it, and we must be very clear about what we are doing in each step and when each step begins and ends. We don't want to become dogmatic about any of these 3 steps, as if any one of these is the "way" to illumination, trancendence, riches, etc. Each step has its place. That's all. And when it's time to perform that step, all our attention should be on doing it to the best of our abilities. When that step is over, we should let go of it without a second thought.

In terms of a brief summary, the 3 steps of the Radio Free Clear Light session would be:

1- Preparation of the space

2- Experiments, rituals or other activities specific to the invocation

3- The Invocation itself

The whole thing should be begun and ended clearly. Each step should also have a clear beginning and an end. It is particularly important to distinguish between the shamanic experiments or rituals that we do in order to perform and invocation and the invocation itself. Once the invocation is working, we have to allow it to happen. We can't predict what will happen ahead of time. If we could, then there would be no need for an invocation! We are invoking the "other" to come, once the "other" is present, we have to leave space for it to do its own actions, which can't be predetermined by us.

The simplest, most basic and most essential invocation is your own private invocation of your Essential Being (yours as in directly connected to your four dimensional machine, not as in "your property"). Here you can see in a small, direct and reachable way what it is that you will later try to do with a group in a Radio Free Clear Light session. It must be clearly understood that you are attempting to communicate with your Being, and your only means of communication are your actions (mental, emotional and specially physical). As you establish communication you can send an invitation. The invitation won't always be answered. But, in the event that is it answered, you should be ready to allow space for the Being to play, and through this play, achieve its Sacred Work in our own corner of the Multiverse. This "space for play" is crucial. Without it, the invitation is an empty exercise in dogma or ossified ritual.

This is why we don't include step by step rituals or invocations in this book. What we give you are many experiments and exercises, which can be combined in various ways to produce different results. We also give you what you need in order to construct your own rituals. But no matter how carefully, how artfully and how beautifully you plan these invocations, always make sure you leave a space for the unpredictable release, the Radio Free Clear Light communication that is bound to come through if everything goes "right".  Once this starts to happen (and it may happen sooner than you expect) release all expectations and allow the invocation to occur.

How do you know if it is actually happening? There is no simple answer for this question. Many of the experiments in this book will help you develop a sense for altered spaces and this will help. You will have to make quick decisions, alone or with your group, as to when the invocation has actually begun. There may be mistakes. This is not a problem. You will learn from this and apply what you learn that next time you try it. Do try it often!

Experiment - Surrender to the Guest

1- Invite a friend over for dinner or for a walk. (A physical, human dimension friend we mean!)

2- While you talk to your friend make a conscious effort to surrender by listening intensely to your friend, or by following what your friend wants to do instead of what you want to do. If you are walking together, subtly follow where your friend wants to go without imposing your own sense of direction. If you are simply talking, allow your friend to guide the subjects of the conversation. If your friend were to become quiet or still, be with them in that stillness or quietness for a moment. If you talk or move, do it just enough that your friend starts to talk or move as well, then begin to follow once more.

3- Maintain this state, even while you respond and interact with your friend. Simply keep in mind that you orbjective is to surrender. Don't make this obvious! Act normally but give the space for your friend to manifest fully.




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