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Call and Response with the Clear Light

Just as we respond to the caller or leader in a "call and response" invocation (described in the previous section) we can learn to respond to the Clear Light, let the Clear Light be our caller. What this means and how it can be accomplished is a question that can be explored endlessly. As usual, we will begin with a few very basic ideas so that we can very slowly and firmly stick our foot into the cold pond of the void.

Our first and basic definition for our perception of the Clear Light in this section will be: "all sound, noise, music or speech that we can hear". This definition will expand eventually as the definitions of each of these words break down and fold outwards. But to begin with, allow this definition to stand. It is simple and straightforward. All this wealth of information all around us, which we usually choose to ignore, will now become the Clear Light and we will allow it to lead us as a caller leads a group.

Experiment 1

For 7 days, set aside 5 minutes of the day and sit in a relatively quiet place. This can be your room, a glade in a forest, the beach, etc. Close your eyes and allow the Clear Light to invade you. Listen carefully. Begin to realize how much sound is all around you and how much of it is set aside by your consciousness under normal circumstances. Don't allow yourself to judge the sound in any way (this sound is important, this one isnt, this one is very "spiritual", this one is "nuisance", this one is helpful, this one breaks down my meditation, etc.). Don't pass any judgements at all and simply allow whatever sounds that are occurring to flow through you. As you do this more and more, the sound tapestry around you will become richer and richer. Allow for this time to simple be present in the world of sound... the Clear Light.

Experiment 2

For the next 7 days, set aside 5 minutes each day again. Again sit in a relatively quiet place. This time listen to the Clear Light and begin to hear the "sentences" that are implied in the sound, the "phrases". Sounds begin, other sounds add themselves to them, a conglomeration of sound and noise and then it all flows away. It doesn't quite stop but it slows down, quiets down, fades away a bit. Then the sounds gather again and another conflagration occurs. Like this, endlessly. These are the "phrases", the "calls" of the Clear Light (also known as the "Breath of God"). Place your attention firmly on these phrases. Isolate them. Become very familiar with the shifting rhythms and intensities. Each chamber will have different patterns, different regularities. Allow yourself to perceive the chamber where you are and find its secret rhythm.

Experiment 3

For the next 7 days,  set aside 10 minutes each day. Again sit in the quiet place and hear the sentences or phrases that the Clear Light gives you. Feel the pulse of their coming and going. Very slowly begin to repeat them as they come to you. Say them quietly in your mind to begin with. These can be melodies, sentences, sounds or any combination of these. As you start to say them in your mind, slowly allow them to become louder. Say them a bit louder each time, until you are able to repeat what the Clear Light gives you in a speaking volume. There is no need to shout, but they should be loud enough that you can feel confident and strong about the sound going through your vocal chords and mouth. Remember to leave the spaces for the Clear Light to "talk" again and then respond. Call and response, just like you would with a human caller but now with the raw chaos of the Clear Light.


Experiment 4

1. Sit in a comfortable position, with your back and head straight.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Put the index and middle finger of your right hand in your heart chackra.

4. Feel the pulsing of your heart, and with each beat say the word “love” until your chest feels full with the energy.

5. With the same two fingers of your left hand, touch the right elbow and slowly bring the fingers along the forearm towards the right fingers. As you do this, say the words “I Am” with each beating of the heart. Once you get to the tip of the right fingers, slowly remove the right hand, leaving the left hand touching the heart chackra.

6. With the left index and middle fingers lightly touching the chest, say the word “peace” with each beat until the area feels full.

7. Touch your third eye (Agna Chackra, or the space in your forehead about an inch above the space in between your brows). Concentrate for a while on the sensation coming from this area.

8. With your fingertips, lightly touch the crown of your head. Don’t keep your hand there, just touch and let go. Concentrate in the sensations and vision of light coming from that area. Important: do not raise your eyes towards your forehead. What you see, you are seeing with your third eye.



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