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It is crucial that we realize, firmly and persistently, that there is no true "safety". Paradoxically, when we fall into the illusion of "safety" we are in dire spiritual danger. We may be in the verge of indentifying with a particular chamber, or confusing the passing illusion with reality. In this state we have fallen from grace. Within the mirage of "safety" lies permanence. There is no permanence. There is no safety. There can be no qualifications about this. No running to a quiet spot in your tunnel reality where you can convince yourself that you are actually "safe". The only element of your reality that will persist is its changing nature. All that you see around you now will vanish. All that you have ever encountered will be dust and lost even to memory. The more you see this, the more it seeps into the root of your Being, the more alive you will be. As simple as that.

Experiment- The Happy Place

Think of a time when you felt safe, strong, and like everything was well with the world. Close your eyes and relive that event. Live it over and over, feeling the emotions, the sights, the smells, the sounds, the feelings on your body, everything related to that moment. Once you get a clear picture and all its sensations in your mind, say to yourself: This place is mine. I can be here anytime I want to.

Experiment - Pictures in the Sand

  1. Go to the beach. If possible an area where there aren't that many people. Bring or find a stick with you, large enough to draw on the sand while standing.

  2. Take off your shoes and walk to the edge of the water, where the sand is very wet, but the waves are recurringly moving back and forth towards you and away from you. Ideally the water should cover your feet when it comes and leave you on wet sand when it goes.

  3. In the space when the water goes, draw a picture on the sand. Do it quickly.

  4. Let the water wash it away.

  5. Draw another picture.

  6. Let the water wash it away.

  7. Keep doing this for about 10 to 15 minutes.

  8. Take three deep breaths while looking at the horizon. Give thanks.

Experiment - Words into the Fire

  1. You can do this experiment inside or outside, as long as you take all necessary precautions. If you are inside you will need a relatively large ashtray and a candle, as well as a pad of white paper. If you are outside, you can use the same, or a small fire on the beach and so on.

  2. Start the fire. Sit and look at the fire for a few minutes, taking deep breaths.

  3. Now take the pad of paper and write a short poem (3 or 4 lines would be enough).

  4. Now burn the piece of paper.

  5. Repeat the process at least 7 times.

Make sure that what you write is really as good as you can make it. Put all your energy, attention and will into making truly beautiful poems. Once you burn them, forget about them completely. Don't try to recover them from the fire by writing them again from memory!!!






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