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The Blank TV

One of our first encounters with pure chaos or randomness is in watching the raw signal of a TV that is not tuned to a particular channel. Both the sound and image are a direct experience of pure "white noise", raw information untouched by any sign of human intelligence or organization. We can experiment with this pattern. It is so readily available that it would be foolish not to!

Experiment 1

  1. Prepare by having a timer, a pen or pencil and a pad of white paper.

  2. Set the TV to raw white noise with the volume at a comfortable level. Loud enough to hear it but not too loud. Take three deep breaths.

  3. Set your timer to 1 minute.

  4. Sit in front of the "blank TV" and set the timer. Stare into the chaos with no thought or reason. For that one minute try to avoid any thought in your brain or any image coming from within you.

  5. When the timer sounds take 3 deep breaths and set the timer again.

  6. During this minute, draw or write whatever comes into your mind. You are allowed all possible thoughts or images as long as you set them down on paper.

  7. When the timer sounds, take 3 deep breaths and set the timer again.

  8. Stare into the chaos on the TV once more.

  9. Repeat the cycle 7 times.

Repeat the whole experiment once a day for seven days.

Experiment 2

  1. Like before, prepare by having the timer, the pen or pencil and a pad of paper.

  2. Set your timer to 1 minute.

  3. Look at the white noise on the TV and say distinctly and clearly: "Give me a poem."

  4. Then allow your mind to go blank... allow it to become one with the random sounds and visuals coming from the TV.

  5. When the timer sounds, set it again. For that one minute, write down the first few lines of the poem. Write without thinking or stopping.

  6. When the minute ends, set it again and come back to the TV. Again say: "Give me the rest of the poem"

  7. Continue for 7 times.

  8. At the end, read the poem to the Clear Light. Read it slowly and carefully. Do not censor or edit anything that you wrote down.



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